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VPN - Virtual Private Network

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network is a service that allows you to connect to the Internet via an encrypted tunnel to ensure your online privacy and protect your sensitive data. VPNs are commonly used to secure connections to public Wi-FI hotspots, hide IP addresses, and make your browsing private.

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  • Have a look at SurfShark our #1 choice. They are currently disrupting the VPN market and their service is excellent.
  • I am new to FastestVPN, but do have a look at them. They also have a good rating and frequent specials.

Why do I need a VPN?

  • Hide your IP address
    Masking your IP address is essential to becoming private online. A VPN makes sure that your city, country, and torrent download history aren’t linked to your identity.
  • Stay safe on public Wi-Fi
    A VPN encrypts your online data and helps to secure your personal information when you use free Wi-Fi in airports or anywhere else.
  • Access blocked websites
    You can unblock sites by connecting to a VPN server in a different country. Access to various websites is restricted in many countries due to growing internet censorship or geo-blocking.
  • Save cash shopping online
    With a VPN, you can get better deals online. Save money while purchasing service subscriptions, getting airline tickets, or renting cars.

 Who can benefit from a VPN?

This technology is quickly becoming essential for most of the people who go online

  • Privacy geeks
    We agree - you should be able to control your privacy. A VPN protects all your data & makes sure you’re not exposed when you go online.
  • Security devotees
    It’s always a good idea to take extra steps to secure yourself online. Our industry-leading AES-256-GCM encryption does just that!
  • Human rights activists
    In some countries, freedom of speech can come with dire consequences. Hide your identity, bypass censorship, and speak to the world using a VPN.
  • Sports zealots
    Don’t miss out on a match just because you’re in a different country. Stream your favorite games from anywhere in the world using a VPN.
  • Travelers
    When you travel, public Wi-Fi is a necessity. Make sure you don’t compromise your security and use a VPN on public networks.
  • Avid gamers
    Enjoy games before they are available where you are, get better prices, and play with your expat friends on the same servers with a VPN.
  • Movie & TV show fans
    Connect to a VPN server in a different country to enjoy libraries streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus, and many others.
  • Torrenting enthusiasts
    To prevent threatening letters from your ISP when you torrent, simply connect to a VPN and enjoy P2P sharing privately.
  • Mobile users
    Save mobile internet data and make your connection faster with CleanWeb that blocks ads before they can load and slow you down.

How does a VPN work?

It takes a lot of moving parts, but it’s simple on your end. Here’s how it works:

  • DNS request
    The first step is making a DNS request. That’s how you get the IP address of a VPN server.
  • Secret keys
    At this point, secret keys are built. Your VPN will need them in the next steps.
  • Secure channel
    A secure channel is created, all with the help of those special secret keys!
  • Data encryption
    VPN protocols help encrypt your data that will use the secure channel. Voilà!
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